Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Epic Failure

An epic failure occurred tonight.

I was cutting Jonathan's hair and...

Ultimate lose.

I wish I had thought of it first

So, I heard about this video on the radio the other day, and then someone mentioned it again to me today, so I decided I needed to check it out myself.

It's a bride and groom, and their wedding party, that dance down the aisle. Yeah, pretty awesome.

Apparently they posted it on Youtube just so her dad could see it again, but within a few hours a huge number of people had seen it. When I watched it, the count was around 10.5 million.

Ok, so I couldn't figure out how to get the actual video on the post here, so here's the link. (Maybe someone could tell me how to put it in?)


Monday, July 27, 2009


So, I'm sure by now lots of people know the story of my visit to Matthew a week or two ago, but, I'm gonna go ahead and tell it anyway.

Matthew's birthday was recnetly. I decided about a week and a half before that I wanted to surprise him by coming down for his brithday. I talked to his mom, got her in on the plan. I talked to Heather, my boss at the bakery, and arranged to get a couple of days off. The plan was to wake up really early Wednesday morning, drive down and get there by midday, and then take Matthew on a picnic. The picnic was totally Matthew's idea, he had suggested it a while ago, but we've never been able to do it.

So, I almost blew my cover at least 20 times each day in the days leading up to his birthday. I almost told him about talking to his mom, or Heather, I almost said stuff like "oh yeah, I'll just bring you the annoucements when I come down next week" instead of saying I'd send him the annoucements... you know, slip ups like that. But, I somehow managed to not blow my cover. I even through him off by saying stuff like "yeah, I have a great birthday present that's coming for you," or when I told him that morning when I was supposed to be driving to work "so I've pretty much blocked off my whole afternoon to talk to you whenever you want, cuz its your birthday, just so you know (or something like that.)" Basically he had no idea.

And everything went perfectly. I left Minnesota around 5:45am, mom kept his mom updated on when I'd be arriving, so she could make sure Matthew was around, and I arrived at Matthew's house right at 1pm. I noticed right as I pulled up that the mailman was just pulling away from the house. So, when I rang the doorbell a few seconds later, Matthew came down, totally thinking it was the package I had "sent." He opened the door, and bam, there I was. And he just looked at me, and stared at me for like 10 seconds, with this look of unbelief on his face. I think he said some variation of what are you doing here? and then got a huge smile and gave me the biggest hug and it was so great.

He had absolutely no idea, I had knocked his socks off. I took him on his birthday picnic, which ended up being like 4 hours long.

oh! and his present was so awesome. It was one of those plastic popsicle maker containers, where you pour in juice or something and freeze it.

So, I wish somehow I had pictures of his reaction to me standing on his porch. But, almost as great, I have pictures of him with the mini cake I brought him.
As you can tell, Matthew was really excited by everything.

I love him so much.
Which is convenient, since we're getting married. :)

The parable of the earrings

So, I have a story to tell.

Last August, I had a birthday, right before classes started. My dad gave Jonathan some money to take me shopping. So, we went up to University Mall. It was actually hilarious; I think this was the first time Jonathan had gone shopping with a girl, and I think he was feeling like his manliness was being called into question by being in a girly clothes store.

So we buy a shirt. Then we go look at earrings. (I LOVE earrings.) And we spend forever looking at them. Jonathan said I couldn't buy the ones that looked like a piece of metal that a train had run over and flattened, or the ones that looked like Saturn. However, he did let me buy the ones that looked like a wrecking ball chain thingy. So, after buying some earrings... that was the end of the money dad had given Jonathan for me. But... he had also given Jonathan a little bit more that I suppose was technically destined to pay for something for Jonathan. But, I knew that deep, deep down inside, what they realllllly wanted to do with that money was buy Stephanie a pair of pants. And so I helped Jonathan see that and convinced him, possibly slightly against his will, that that's what he should do.

Now for a long time, it would seem that Jonathan resented the way that money was spent. In fact, when Jonathan would tell that story, I think a lot of people resented the way that money was spent. :) Annnddd, before I get even more people up in arms at me, here's the end of the story.

For the past few months-ish, whenever Jonathan sees me wearing these earrings, which is a frequent occurence, he gets all excited and points to them and says in this sorta high pitched man voice "look! its the earrings I bought for you!" And he kinda claps his hands and gets a big smile, and you can tell that he loves the fact that he spent that extra money on me. And its true, he's even said it. He is glad he did it.

Moral of the story: Always spend money on your sister. You know you want to!
Another moral of the story: I have really nice brothers.

Disclaimer: I take good care of my brothers too. Don't hate. It's a happy story :)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Je pense, donc je suis.

Sometimes I wear my wedding colors to work. In my socks. As in one light blue sock, one pink sock. It totally rocks, especially because I also wear shorts to work, so you can definitely see them.

Heather has a quote taped up in front of the table where I sometimes work. It's actually from a fortune cookie - it says "Do not listen to vain words from empty minds." Such valuable things you learn at work.

I've decided I'm super duper stoked for our honeymoon to Paris. This past week we made a reservation for the hotel there. After looking at a few, I decided I'd like to stay in the area where I lived during my study abroad there - in the 8th arrondissement. Looking at the map of the Paris metro, and looking at the map of the arrondissments (just the different neighborhoods...) made me excited beyond compare. It just brought back a rush of really happy, really awesome memories.

My phone gets the worst reception -possibly ever - in the history of cell phone reception. And the battery goes from fully charged to nada in about an hour. Well, an hour of straight talking. It's dying. Come on little phone, pull through! I don't want to have to buy a new one.

I've come to realize there are a lot of details involved for planning a wedding. However, nice thing is that I'm not stressed about it at all, so instead of being a well, stressful experience, its just kinda a lot of fun. Cuz we're planning a wedding where I get to marry Matthew. :)

Currently, my favorite balloon shape to make is a penguin.

Fact: RSVP is actually a French abbreviation. It stands for repondez s'il-vous plait, meaning respond, please.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Two doves kissing in a heart

So one other thing I remembered from the balloon gig I did last night.

I went up to one table, a middle aged/older couple, and I said some stuff, don't really specifically remember what, but at one point I asked them if they were on a date (as a lead in to something like, "let me make you something reaaaaaallly romantic for you guys tonight" ). But the man, just kinda smiled, and was like whaddaya mean, we're always on a date! when we go out to lunch we're on a date, when we drive in the car together someone we're on date, when we're relaxing together we're on a date."

I was just like aww that is awesome. They're old and still so in love and cute. And then I eventually ended up making them two doves kissing in a heart. Very romantic.


*Insert creative and inspiring punch line here*

Thursday, July 2, 2009

What Stephanie is thinking about right now

I just made myself two over-medium fried eggs. They were good, but didn't end up being as delicious as I had thought they'd be in my head.

I am such a scaredy-cat about stuff. I can't watch scary movies, I would cease to be able to function. Everyone I meet at night is out to get me, and being alone at home gives me the heeber-jeebers like none other. How old am I???

Also, I have a really handsome fiance.

Today I periodically raided the candy that was destined for the bishop's candy jar. Woops...

Tonight, during my balloon gig, I made a guitar for a very drunk, wacko guy. It was hilarious. I don't encouter too much of that during my balloon gigs. After I was done talking with him, the manager walked by and said "he's a craaaazzy one." It was great.

A few weeks ago, when I went to see the diabetes doctor, they did an A1C test, like normal. To put it simply, an A1C is just a very accurate way to measure how your blood sugars have been over the past three months. Normal people have an A1C between 4-6%. People with diabetes, if they don't control it well, can have A1Cs up to 12ish. 12 would be really, really, horribly bad. Well, my A1C came back as 6.5%, which is really, really good, almost normal, which makes me so so happy. Mine are ususally pretty good, I think I'm normally in the 7's, but to be so low was such a gratifying thing...

I'm not sure if that last paragraph will make sense to anyone...