Thursday, March 14, 2013

8 months, almost 9

Here is my 34.5 week belly shot:

I feel like I have gotten a lot bigger just in the past week or two. My brother commented that a couple weeks ago, he thought I looked very pregnant, but this last time he saw me, he thought I looked "great with child." Haha. I certainly feel great with child--there are plenty of aches and pains to go around. And it's getting hard to breathe.

Natalie is insanely cute about the baby. She will come up to my belly and say "baby, baby" and want to lift up my shirt to "see the baby." And she sometimes gives my belly a little kiss, all by herself. Adorable.

The biggest news right now, however, is the baby is breech. Every time I have gone in for a non-stress test starting three weeks ago, I keep hoping she will flip, but to no avail. I know she still could flip, but every time I go in and she still hasn't turned, it is sad. So here's to hoping that she will turn by herself, or be easy to flip around when the doctor tries to flip her. I really, really, really don't want a c-section.