Sunday, February 17, 2013

me, me, me

--Whelp, here we are. Seven months pregnant. Less than two months until baby. Six weeks until end of internship. And really, truly, cannot wait for both events to arrive. I am really excited for the baby to get here, in fact, almost surprised at how much I cannot wait for her to be born, but I suspect that part of that is related to the fact that when the baby is born I will finally be done with the internship. And that will be nothing but a happy day.

--The way everything has worked out with internship and being pregnant has been very fortuitous. For example, being in the third trimester means a lot more doctor appointments. Next week I start non-stress tests twice a week and will have to take off a little early for all of those appointments. If I was in clinical or community rotations, missing those hours would have been a lot more of a big deal, but with the food service rotation, I can work on my projects at home to make up hours.

--I bought myself some maternity clothes yesterday. It was kind of a splurge, but all I can say is I am really happy to have more than one pair of maternity pants that actually fits well. And a tank top that will go all the way over my belly.

--I have liked the food service rotation a lot more than I had thought I would a year ago. It is actually pretty fun--I am working at the district office of a local school district, doing a lot of managerial and administrative stuff, but also getting a lot of time in the schools. For example, last week I spent a few hours with a manager at one school trying out different smoothie combinations on a new Vitamix blender for a smoothie program they are doing at breakfast. That was nothing but a good time.

--Of course, I also have had to make a lot more phone calls this rotation, which is not my favorite thing in the world. 

--Also, I'm pretty sure I have gained a pound every other day the past couple weeks. Again, not my favorite thing in the world. Is it too early to chalk it up to water retention?