Wednesday, June 27, 2012

i want that

A quickly snapped series of pictures of Natalie and Nathan. Totally cracks me up.


water time

Okay okay I know vacation pictures are often just not the most interesting things to look at (unless of course, you vacationed somewhere insanely awesome, such as France), so I wouldn't even put pictures up except that Natalie is just the most cutest adorablest thing I have ever seen. I just can't help myself.  


Wednesday, June 20, 2012


One of my most favorite things to do in the summer in Minnesota is go strawberry picking.

We picked over 27 pounds! Oh baby!

Monday, June 18, 2012

good times 2012

Last week we went to Kansas for a little family reunion. Actually it was really, really cool. All 12 of Matthew's brothers and sisters came to Kansas so that they would all be there on June 12, which would have been Matthew's dad's 70th birthday, and they all went and did a session in the very newly dedicated Kansas City Temple (I was there too). It was really great, and we had a fantastic time.

In fact, it was so fun to go visit and see family that I started thinking that I really wanted to go home and visit my family in Minnesota, too. So as a father's day surprise, my mom and I bought a ticket on Friday to go home and visit... this Tuesday! aka tomorrow! At some point during our stay, my family is going to Jellystone Park (a Yogi Bear inspired water park thinger... my family has been going there for years and my dad just loves the place) and so Natalie and I am going with them! huzzah. The only down part is that Matthew isn't coming--he has to stay and work, and then go on a research trip.

While watching Natalie play in some water fountains we stumbled upon the other day, we decided she was going to have a great time at Jellystone :)

father's day realizations

Several days before Father's Day, I asked Matthew if he had any requests for Father's Day breakfast or dinner. He couldn't really think of anything, so I came up with a few ideas and asked him about them a day or two later. My ideas were along the lines of pork chops and real mashed potatoes, or teriyaki steak with pineapple salsa, etc. I thought both of these things sounded super good--some of the best things for my favorite husband! However, Matthew said "Well, if you don't mind, I think I want Shepard's pie... made with mashed potatoes from potato flakes." Say what??? I mean, Shepard's pie is okay, I guess, but for father's day when I want to do the best things for you, Shepard's pie is definitely not what I would have chosen. But, it is what made him happy, and so that's what I made, and Matthew loved it. 

Lesson #1: Sometimes loving someone means not giving them the "best" (at least according to me), but giving them what will make them happy.

So besides dinner, I tried to do a bunch of nice (little) things for him yesterday, to show him how much I love him and what a great dad I think he is. I think he really liked it all. The interesting side effect from this was that because he felt so happy and loved and everything, he was extra sweet and nice and loving to me, and I ended up feeling really, really loved by him all day. 

Lesson #2: If I am ever feel like I want to feel more loved, show more love to my husband first, and he returns it by 200%. 

Is this getting too mushy? Let's just end with a cute picture of Matthew and Natalie. Awwww...