Friday, October 29, 2010

Is it sad...

that matthew and I decided that the hospital cafe is a good place to eat on a somewhat regular-ish basis?

A couple of days ago there was an article in the Daily Universe about an upcoming omelet night at utah valley hospital. Matthew and I were all like "sweet, omelets!" but when we went it seemed that the wrong date was provided in the newspaper. that was unfortunate, but as we walked by the cafe where the omelets were supposed to happen, we noticed someone with a shake that matthew thought looked really tasty... so we got a shake. and some fries. and then we were all like "wow, this is dang good food for a really good price."

And I guess we're not the only ones. While we were there eating, one of Matthew's friends came in with some of his pals to just order some food as well.

...and then I found twenty dollars.

(I guess this wasn't as riveting as I thought)

Anyway, that's our story!

These are all over one area in Provo

What the....??

Monday, October 25, 2010

baby saga

Today we had a doctor's appointment. Have I mentioned that I have appointments almost every week now, between the OB, the specialists at Maternal Fetal Medicine, and the diabetes educator? Thank you diabetes. One fun perk of all of these appointments is that I get an ultrasound every month (...and get to pay for an ultrasound every month...hmmm) Today was another ultrasound day. I'm just about 17 weeks, and so we could have found out the gender of our baby, if he/she hadn't been so stinkin' shy! The baby was sitting cross-legged, behind the placenta, at a weird angle. Thanks baby :) We did get to see it bop itself on the head with its hand though, which was pretty funny.

So I've mentioned that I'm hoping that our baby is a girl. I think this desire is rooted in many years of tragic heartbreak when my mom was pregnant. I remember being so upset after finding out that the last three of my brothers were going to be boys. Of course, being my turn, I am really hoping that this baby is a girl. So much so that I've been having weird baby dreams, all on variations of I find out its a boy and being sad/upset/mad and want to give the baby back/figure out a way to change it. I've had this dream maybe three or four times? Does this mean I'm a bad person? Honestly, if it was a boy, I really would be ok with that. And I definitely do want to have some boys... just preferably not this one.

Anyway, stay tuned in three weeks for an update on the baby gender saga. Peace!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Little man

Holy smokes my little brother is adorable.

Monday, October 18, 2010

one fine day

Hey all! About a week ago Matthew skived off school a little early and we hiked up to Squaw Peak via Rock Canyon. There are exactly three things I would like to say about this hike:

1. Can I blame that I felt significantly more out of shape hiking compared to several months ago on the fact that I'm pregnant? Never mind the fact that I'm not really showing or anything. Or maybe it has more to do with how I haven't legitimately exercised consistently in a few months. What a gong show.
2. I was surprised at what a beautiful hike the Squaw Peak trail was. For some reason I thought it would all be rocky and gravely the whole way up. False. Once you turn off of rock canyon, you go from a wide, rocky trail to a much narrower dirt trail in the woods among color changing trees. Gorgeous.
Never mind the fact that there is a leaf in my hair. Matthew thought it would be hilarious to make me like Daisy-head Maisy or whatever it is. Also ignore how I look like I'm stoned.. or something.
 3. Turns out the summit of Squaw Peak trail is not the same place as the infamous makeout spot (if you ever say you're going to squaw peak with someone of the opposite gender in Provo, be prepared for some comments about your extracurricular activities.) But seriously, the summit was right at the precipice of the mountain. You kinda felt like if you sneezed at the right spot, you might just blow yourself down the side.

That's all for now!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

It's a Christmas miracle!

We finally have TV. Our landlords provide Dish... we've been living here for two months now and finally last night we figured out how it was supposed to work. I know that's a long time... don't judge.

We're mostly excited to be able to watch football and (soon enough) basketball games live. BYU and KU games in our living room--what a thought!

Maybe this seems like a bit too much excitement for something like TV but hey it seriously was so frustrating knowing that somehow we could be watching ______ on the TV instead of a gamecast or online, but not being able to figure out how in the world to make everything work! What a relief eh?

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Another query solved by science

At the risk of sounding too excited about physics-y stuff by writing on the topic in two of the last four posts, Matthew and I have answered one of the world's most perplexing questions:
How do such dopey and unattractive guys like these marry such attractive women like these?

Science has the answer yet again! Turns out anything that has mass has a gravitational pull. Bigger things, with bigger mass, have a larger gravitational pull. Coincidentally, all of these guys who get pretty girls are also on the large side. Larger man=larger mass=larger gravitational pull towards the woman of their choice.  Case solved!

chocolate! candy!

Today I am really excited for Christmas...just for these babies:
Tragically they're only around for Christmas and Easter...
Although, all things considered, that is probably for my own good.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

exhausting but fabulous

Seriously who did not love General Conference? The talks were fantastic, and I loved all the funnies that the GA's made during the sessions. My dad got several tickets, and so we got to go to the Conference Center for 2 sessions with him and Aaron [brother] (and the boys also got to go to Priesthood session). What made this even more exciting was that dad got some tickets for my brother Jonathan, who you may remember is serving a mission in the Salt Lake City mission. His mission president said it was ok if we sat with him and took him to lunch on Saturday (actually what he said was "we are in a unique position being in Salt Lake and having families coming into town all the time, so you can see him and sit with him on conference weekend... and we figure if we can contain it to that we are doing pretty good." pretty funny).

So yes, we saw my missionary brother. It was so surreal watching him walk come down the aisle towards us. We got to chat with him, saw him for a big portion of the day on Saturday, and again on Sunday, and just hang out with him (and his companion of course) for quite a while. It was just fantastic. My mom, who didn't get to come out this time, was sooooo jealous. Sorry mom!
Also, you may (or may not) have noticed that Matthew and I were on TV during the intermediate hymn of the Sunday afternoon session. We're a big deal like that.