Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Good, Bad and Ugly

We decided last minute to take a weekend trip to San Diego/LA:

The Good:

  1. Temple Hopping: San Diego Temple, Los Angeles Temple, Newport Beach Temple. Newport Beach vastly exceed expectations. Inside and outside were gorgeous!
  2. The beach in San Diego--even if it was cold. Natalie's first time in the ocean!
  3. We really thought San Diego was very pretty. I was impressed.
  4. Hanging out with Janae and Nathan (Matthew's brother and sister)
  5. Natalie was a very good traveler, thank goodness

The Bad:

  1.  I kept waiting to see all the beautiful people walking around town in bikinis but it never happened. Apparently there are normal looking people who wear normal clothes in California just like everywhere else. Hollywood you have deceived me.
  2. I wasn't super impressed with Los Angeles. I just don't see what the appeal is--I mean there were some cool parts I guess...maybe...somewhere... but overall not that great.
  3. In'N'Out. Matthew and I have resisted the In'N'Out rage in Utah, but we stopped in in LA. Our opinion was that the burgers were pretty good, the fries were awful and the shakes were solid. This just reaffirms our theory that the place is so popular solely because its a "California thing." *Vomit.*

 The Ugly:

  1.  LA traffic. Holy smokes.
  2.  The two hour wait to get back into the USA from Mexico. 
  3. Gas prices--yipes!

What cute fruit they grow here!

Los Angeles Temple
Newport Beach Temple
San Diego Temple
The gang

Monday, April 18, 2011

photo op

Thank you, BYU grounds, for giving us a family photo.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

ready, aim....

We've experienced several diaper blowout explosions already, both with the diaper on and with it off, but until a couple of days ago I had never experienced projectile poo!
I'm talking about the diaper's off and all of a sudden a horizontally moving geyser-like stream is unleashed! Whoa baby!

I just can't decide what's the better tagline:
Option 1: "Whoa you got like three feet of air that time" (no but seriously. I measured.)
Option 2: "We're going for distance here, not aim"

Although, she did seem to have good aim, as she hit me straight on before I screamed and jumped...haha

Good thing she's such a cutie!

Sunday, April 10, 2011


I haven't written about France in a while, and today I am DYING to go. I still really want to visit (or live temporarily, that would be 100% ok too) places like these:

Thursday, April 7, 2011

career change

Dietetics Schmietetics...I should've gone to clown school! 
I'm obviously a natural!

sappy happy blappity blappy

*cue violins*

With respect to being a mom, I have definitely experienced a mighty change of heart. Even though I went from nervous trepidation to great excitement during the course of my pregnancy, as soon as that little baby was out of me and in my arms, everything completely changed. I'm totally in love with this little girl. There is absolutely nothing better than taking care of her or holding her (she's a big snuggler) and even though I'm tired and a little worn out (but just a little), I wouldn't have life any other way. I was just not expecting how immediately Natalie captured my heart. In my almost 3 weeks of experience, there really is nothing more rewarding--all of those Ensign articles and conference talks weren't joking! Who knew?!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I don't know how many other people watched the college basketball championship game last night, but all I'm saying is if you didn't watch, you didn't miss much. Seriously these were the two supposedly great teams that were contending for the national title? It was such an awful game! Each team was playing sloppy--bad shots, tons of missed easy shots, throwing away the ball, not being able to hang on to the ball, bad passes and the list goes on. It was painful to watch. Especially since Matthew and I were both like "shoot BYU should have been here"... and the way both teams were playing, they would've won.

Anyway, that was a bust. However, what ISN'T a bust is that... I won the family bracket! I came from behind to win it all! Maybe some of Matthew's fierce competitiveness has been rubbing off on me, but I'm kinda really excited about that. Wasn't there a $500 prize and a trip to the Bahamas and a year's supply of chocolate for the winner? That WAS part of the deal right? Right... right... right???