Wednesday, April 11, 2012

life update

So, here's the news.

1. I got an internship. Yay me! I feel like this is no small miracle that I was accepted somewhere. Anyway, it is with Utah State, I'll still be in utah valley, and I start in August.

2. As soon as we can sell our contract, we are moving to the apartment at Matthew's sister's house, which is going to be a fantastic upgrade. We're excited.

3.  Matthew graduates in a few weeks, and he is looking for a real job.

4. Natalie has almost completely transitioned to walking, instead of crawling. This is big news, people!

Friday, April 6, 2012

the one where germaphobes freak out

A few Sundays ago, during Sunday School we were feeding Natalie some Cheerios. 
I would put one in the palm of my hand, she would grab it and put it in her mouth. 
After doing this for a while, she held it out like she was offering it to Matthew. 
He opened his mouth, and she put the Cheerio in. 
He closed his mouth, Natalie turned and looked at me and smiled, and then put her hand back to Matthew's mouth, like she wanted the Cheerio back. 
He opened his mouth, she looked inside, put her little fingers in, and found the Cheerio. 
She took it out, put it in her mouth, gave us a big grin and ate it all. 

It is a good thing we were sitting in the back because I was laughing so hard.