Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Great, Unanswerable Mysteries of BYU

Who is Cosmo?

Where are the operators for BYU info located?

What do the Testing Center employees do when they have a test in the testing center and someone comes and requests that test?

What really goes on in BYUSA?

What percentage of campus is underground/how many secret underground chambers and rooms and passages are there?

Dinner time conversation

Tonight after enjoying a high fruit and vegetable meal, I was saying how I thought they were so delicious and if only we could eat fruit and vegetables all the time that tasted so good...

Matthew's response: Hmm I dunno. I mean, now my hands are all sticky. I just wish fruit came pre-peeled and pre-sliced... I mean come on tree, we're eating your posterity, couldn't you help us out a bit?!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The truth

So this picture
actually is a little misleading. I'm officially gradumated in August, after I finish 6 or so GE's. I'm not super stoked about taking all those classes, as a matter of fact.

However, I decided that it will actually be ok, because since I'm still a student, I can still keep my on campus job for another 4 months, and not stress about getting another job immediately. 

Also, I can enjoy Police Beat and Editorial sections from that gem of a student newspaper, the Daily Universe. 

Also, everyone, thank you for paying your taxes, because Matthew and I are enjoying the benefits of pell grants for spring and summer. A big shoutout to all our sponsors!

Week in review

Ok, so here are some highlights from graduation:

I graduated first in my class! Er... that is... first in height in my class... I just can't get over how I'm only a couple inches shorter than the shortest girl in the class when she's standing on a chair in heels.

My family. Awww. They sat through two long ceremonies and listened to TONS of names being read, to hear my name read (incorrectly pronounced I might add, by my own professor!)

And Nathan is still my bestest friend.

In the processional into the Marriott. My dad loves taking pictures, and so he'll run through the crowds of people, and when someone gives him a weird look, he'll flash a random ID and say "press pass, coming through" and the crowds part to let him snap pictures of me. As you can see, my friends thought it was hilarious :)

Like I said, my dad likes taking a lot of pictures. This is what happens when I get a little tired of it...

My sweet, supportive husband. He's the best!

And, apparently, this is what I look like when he goes away... 
(this wasn't staged, I swear)

Yay for graduation!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Les racines

So I get a kick out of noticing French words that are the root of different English words. (I know, I would)

Recently I realized that 
which means to sleep, of which the root is "dorm" 
is also the root of English words:
dormitory (the dorms)

My Doctrine and Covenants professor pointed out that the word 
a name or title for Satan,
shares the root "perd" with the French verb
which means "to lose."

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Dear dress makers:

Not all women are 5'4", 5'6" or 5'8". I do not fit into dresses made for a short woman. Please add at least 3 inches of length to the bottom of your dresses, preferably not the ugly ones.

Disgruntled dress shopper

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A detour: its just the scenic route

Well, this is rather old news, but I didn't get an internship. Although I wasn't too surprised, it was a really sad day. I was pretty crushed for a few days, but I'm feeling ok about it now. Saturday we had a dietetics banquet, and one of our teachers spoke and told about how didn't get accepted the first time she applied for an internship, and how devastated she was. But now, she is a rockin awesome professor and dietitian, and I think just hearing her talk about that made me feel better than anything else had all week. So it'll be good: I'll apply next year, and in the meantime I'll get a job that will give me good diet tech work experience to beef up my application. And we'll work on saving money, instead of spending the massive amounts I would be spending for an internship. 

And, fingers crossed, we'll hopefully be going on a vacation... to France. I have a one-track mind. This time we'd just go to southern France, an area that I have been dying to visit. French Riveria anyone? Don't mind if I do! However... the time that we could potentially go would be a bit expensive, so this trip might have to wait for a few more months. We shall see.

Speaking of which, I sneakily signed Matthew up for French 101 this summer. When I've suggested oh so sweetly that he should take the class, he gets this dubious look on his face and says "we'll see." Well, I looked online, and there were only 4 spots left in the class, so I just registered him (advantage of knowing all his passwords now!) I'm not saying he absolutely must take the class, I'm just ensuring that he has the opportunity to do so. hehehe.