Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The funnest little daydream

A week or so ago, I had this fun little daydream where I was just going about my day, and eating food like normal, and every time I gave myself insulin, I went low. So, I turned my pump off. And then when I went to check my blood sugar later, I wasn't high, I was just in normal range. So I turned it on, but then I went low again... and basically I ended up keeping my pump turned off for the whole day, and my blood sugar never went high, even though I wasn't getting insulin, and this went on for a day or two, where I didn't even turn my pump on. So I went to the doctor and they tested me and my pancreas was making insulin again! Yay! And I became this medical phenomenon and I never had to poke myself again, I saved all this money on medical supplies and doctor visits, I didn't have to worry about developing crazy sauce bad complications... it was a fantastic daydream!

And then, seriously a day or two later, I almost thought it was coming true. Haha. Ok it's not. I'm as diabetic as ever. But, giving myself normal amounts of insulin for food made me go really low, so for a day or two I gave myself about 25% of what I would normally give myself for food, and it seemed like my blood sugars couldn't get above 105 (which is perfect). This lasted for like 4 or 5 days. In my own happy little world it was almost like maybe my pancreas is working again...! And then I was 295 one night (that's fairly high) and that bubble burst. haha. It's still sort of like it now, although I am giving myself more insulin, but I am experiencing blood sugars that seem to want to be in range instead of sometimes when they seem to want to go all over the place. (I swear they do it to spite me!) I like it. It's kinda fun!

So, probably about 3 weeks before this, I was supposed to go to the doctor cuz it had been 6 months and because my last A1C was a little higher than I'd like it to be... but I cancelled it, because I really don't like going to the doctors. My mom will certainly scold me for this, but what it makes me think is "see! I don't have to go to the doctor, I can do it myself!"

(Don't worry, I'll go to the doctor... soon-ish...)

Sunday, March 28, 2010

What the?!

Typing my maiden name into the computer today, and for some reason it didn't recognize it, so the little red squiggly line showed up underneath it. When I right-clicked, the suggestions that came up for Thibaudeau included "thickheaded." Hmm...

Also, one of the ads on my gmail right now is for "spam confetti pasta." Call me crazy, but that sounds disgusting.

Monday, March 22, 2010

To the perfectionist: Be perfecter!

So. One of my professors, the fabulous Dr. Nyland, shared this excerpt from a BYU devotional in one of my classes last year. It was one of those things that I remembered and stuck with me, and this week, I got a copy. Matthew and I both thought it was pretty interesting and thought provoking, so I will share. The point: sometimes only 100% perfection is acceptable.

...did you know that accuracy of 99.9% would mean that we would still have:
1 hour of unsafe drinking water every month
2 unsafe plane landings per day at O'Hare Airport in Chicago
16,000 pieces of mail lost by the US Postal Service every hour
20,000 incorrect prescriptions every year
500 incorrect operations each week
50 babies dropped at birth every day
22,000 checks deducted from the wrong bank account each hour
32,000 missed heartbeats per person each year.


I feel gross and kinda sick, but the worser part is when I lie down I feel grosser, and definitely can't sleep. So here I am at a quarter to 2, facebook-stalking, blog-stalking and thinking about what I could do with my life if I don't get an internship:

1. Run away to Europe (big surprise this is my #1 eh?)
2. Make a baby (awkward...?)
3. Make lots of cake and fatten myself up! Oh! Speaking of cake, I'm pretty sure I squealed when I saw these on my friend's blog today. No seriously, you have to look.

Whelp, those are my choices!

Thursday, March 18, 2010


Whelp, the last post is a bit of a moot point. The guy called, Matthew went and talked to him, he said he bought the bike from a pawn shop last August, and didn't want to trade or sell it or anything. So Matthew unlocked the bike, and the guy went riding off into the wild blue yonder on our bike. Even though I guess its justified, right now I'm just thinking "uh jerk!"

A pretty predicament

Last year (2009) in April, right at the end of the semester, Matthew's trusty bicycle was stolen from his apartment. So laamme. So, ever since then, every time we pass a bike rack, Matthew checks if his bike is there. Never is. Almost a year later, we've kinda given up on it (esp since we got another bike since then...). BUT, yesterday night, after Matthew's basketball game, we were walking out of the RB, and just sitting there, calling to us, waiting for us to come, was Matthew's bike. Indubitubly it was. So here's the predicament: It belong(ed?) to Matthew. It got stolen. Now someone else has it, locked up on campus. Maybe they were the ones who stole it, so they would be guilty. Or, maybe they just bought it from the people who stole it, so they would be the innocent victim. We were tempted to get some bolt cutters and take it right then and there... but you come to a sort of fine, gray line where well, it was his bike, but now someone else might think its their bike, so its like we'd be stealing from them. Here's what we did: we got Matthew's bike lock from home, locked up the stolen bike again using his lock, and left a note (that I thought was pretty friendly) saying essentially: "hey this is my bike it got stolen, but lets just talk about it, call me and  I'll unlock it." That was last night. Today, the bike is still there, seemingly untouched. Matthew was thinking that if nothing happened by Friday evening... he might just take a set of bolt cutters to it and claim what should rightfully be his. :)

Ok, I'd like opinions. What do you think is the best thing to do here/what would you do?

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Grateful for:

Today I am thankful I don't have dysphagia (difficulty/inability to chew/swallow/eat).


Four words: pureed diet & thickened water

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

For the love of vegetables

I am definitely in the right major. Yesterday I did this Grocery Store Tour that Dietetics does for student athletes. Nothing super fancy, we just point out different things in the store and give advice and tips and info about eating healthy on a budget to the athletes. BUT, when we got to the produce section, I just wanted to be 'like guys! this is so fun! Isn't all the fruit pretty? I just love getting vegetables. They're so delicious!'  but the athletes were like
so I refrained. I just get so excited about eating fruits and vegetables. Another case in point: on the latest Dietetics newsletter we got in dietetics, there was a recipe for Parmesan Zucchini Crisps (which happened to be low fat and low cal), and I thought it looked good so I made some for dinner one night. They were  DELICIOUS! Matthew ate one or two, and then I ate the rest (like 15). Two days later, I'm at school, and I'm like 'oh I'm craving those zucchini things' so I made some for a snack that afternoon. Sad? No. I'm just in the right major. Let's be real though, I got super excited about the bag of Cadbury eggs we got yesterday. LOVE them. Matthew hid them for me last night so I wouldn't eat the whole bag. I still don't know where they are...

Monday, March 8, 2010


This is right before the first time I actually drove the scooter. What a rush!

Sunday, March 7, 2010


Provo has a lot of cool houses, and some crazy houses too. Here are our top favorites of crazy houses (we apologize if you or someone you know lives or lived in one of these houses, we don't mean to offend...)

 Vomit-colored house (the picture doesn't do it justice)
The dollhouse 
(I won't lie, I wouldn't mind living here for a year. How could you ever be sad living someplace so bright?)

The mushroom house

Taxes, chances and whole grains

Pretty sure that almost every day for the past two weeks I've thought oh I need to take a picture of our scooter and put it up on the blog... but somehow I don't really think about it or remember it until its dark and I dunno I just feel like it would look better in a picture during the day. But, then again, its a blue scooter, so its not that hard to imagine. Still, I will get around to it one of these days.

In other news, my family is all coming out to Utah for graduation. I'm so stoked! I can't wait to see all of them. The whole family is coming. Also, I got a pell grant this week. And I realized that I'm probably going to have to pay taxes instead of get any return this year. Most of my jobs didn't withhold much from my paycheck, and being self-employed via balloons means that you automatically pay 15%, which is non-refundable. Lame sauce.

I was recently talking to Matthew about internships, and how my chances of getting accepted anywhere are so crazy low, why am I even bothering. And then Matthew said "hey you still have a chance. The chance that you'd marry me out of all the people in the world is pretty low, and it still happened!" ha. I pretty much think he's the best :)

I've been eating a bag of popcorn pretty much every day. I love popcorn. It's out of control. Good thing popcorn is a whole grain.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

It was almost like being in the Phog

That was Matthew's reaction to the crazy wild BYU vs New Mexico game the other night. I'll admit, I came away with some pretty mixed feelings: being proud of BYU fans, and also being horribly embarrassed by them.

Proud: The Marriott center was loud! We did a really good job this game cheering a lot and being noisy. Case in point: at several points, it looked like even the players on the court didn't hear the refs whistle because everyone was cheering so loudly. After the game, our ears were ringing for a while, because it was so loud. (Just as good as Allen Fieldhouse, Matthew said)

Embarrassed: BYU fans like to boo. A lot. Loudly. And at some games (although not this one) its seemed like they boo louder than they cheer. And I personally think it is pretty stupid. Its like a little kid that throws a temper tantrum because you say no more cookies. Because most of the time, we're booing just because a call doesn't go our way. Sure, sometimes the calls have been iffy, but sometimes, we watch the replay and its a legit call. I just think that booing is such a lame thing to do. Very rare instances may justify the use of the boo. But even worse than booing at this particular game was what happened at the end of the game, when New Mexico beat us by two points. People threw garbage and stuff on the floor! If there is anything that is classless, it is that. And one of my friends said something like "that's a typical reaction of fans when you get screwed like that by the refs." Completely disagree! 

All in all, a great basketball game, sad loss, but even sadder reaction of the fans.