Thursday, February 26, 2009


The one true love of my life.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Trust me folks

Watch this. You will not be disappointed.

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OWN that pontail. WORK that updo.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Comment je me sens

This is how I feel right now:
épuisée = exhausted
claquée = another word for exhausted
a coté d'une plaque = out of it
Yet I continually insist on staying up late, time and time again. When will I learn? Probably when I'm not in college anymore. Ok I accept it, I'm a late night owl.

This is also how I feel right now:
heureuse - happy
contente - another word for happy
avec des amis - with friends
intrigué - intrigued

So... yeah the late nights probably will continue. Pop a few ibuprofen, drink some OJ, do a few jumping jacks, and I can do it.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

ah relax

I live in the most comfortable apartment. Why is that? Its so comfy, boys can't help but be so relaxed and take a little nap.






I absolutely love my little brother, and since yesterday was his birthday, I am devoting this post to him.

For anyone who is unaware of my family situation, I actually have 5 brothers, all younger, no sisters. They are all actually freakin awesome.

But the one who's birthday was yesterday, his name is Nathan, and he is now 3 years old, as of February 20th.

Yeah, so I'm 20 (and 1/2) and Nathan is 3. He was born my senior year of high school. I am 17-1/2 years older than him. When he's graduating from high school, I'll be 35 ish. So wieeerrdd. He'll never have any memory of me living at home. He probably won't have any memory of me coming home from college. The only way he'll know me is as an older person with kids. (Assuming I get married....)

I know that there are a lot of families, especially mormon ones, that have a large age gap between kids like that. I don't think its really gonna be a problem in our brother-sister relationship. Right now, Nathan absolutely loves me. Does that sound egotistical (is that even a word?)? Its not, I promise, its just the truth.

When I'm home for a break or whatever, Nathan is like my little shadow. He'll follow me around everywhere. He'll open the door to my room, and drag in his toys, or just climb up on my bed with me. When I come home, he runs up to me and jumps in my arms to give me a hug. When I'm doing something, he comes and tries to help me. Maaaaany times a day he'll just turn to me and say steph! hi! good! If he's sad, he'll let me hold him. If someone else is holding him, and I try to take him, he always comes to me. Ok this one maybe isn't that nice... cuz sometimes my other brothers will be trying to hold him or whatever, and if I hold out my arms, Nathan will stretch towards me... and my other brothers are like hey we want to hold him! Anyway. Point being, Nathan is so ridiculously cute I can't help it, especially since I don't live at home anymore, I DESERVE a monopoly. Right? hmmm.

Either way, Nathan is adorable, aaaand I basically love his guts.

29 Aug 2007

April 2008

Yes we have a tree swing.

June 2008. awwww.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Where is the love?

Valentine's Day. I think its great, whether or not there's a boy to spent it with. I don't think its cliche, nor do I think its single's awareness day.

Ok so I've heard the argument that V-day is cliche (hey that rhymed!) because its associated with flowers, chocolate, hearts, have a date. I've also heard the argument that V-day is stupid because you should show your love for people all the time. That's a silly conclusion. You should show your love for people all the time. But v-day is just a special day to really show people you love them. It's like how on Fridays people go out and have fun. Or on Sundays people go to church. On holidays people don't go to work. You sleep during the night. You usually eat lunch around noon. Same idea here. Your WHOLE LIFE could be considered cliche. Coming back to valentine's day... I always love people. This is just an extra opportunity to show it. The flowers and chocolate and stuff is just supplementary, and why the heck not? Flowers and pretty, and who doesn't love chocolate? I will say that some of it does go overboard...echoing some of Christina's words: if you give me a big pink teddy bear, I will promptly decapitate it and give it back.

Ok along the same lines, v-day is not singles awareness day. At least me, it's just about loving people. As in my roommates, my friends, my family, significant other, you know, everyone. Cmon, there's plenty of love to go around.

Yup. Valentine's day is about being happy, and spreading the love. It's great.

Friday, February 6, 2009

oh you know...

This week there have been a couple of days where it's felt like everything has just gone horribly wrong. It's been only slightly ridiculous.

But there have been some things that have gone very right. Which make me prettttty happy.

So it all works out I guess.

for your information...

Things I like to eat:
good cheese
ice cream with brownie chunks in it
real mashed potatoes
Fresh green beans
turkey soup

Current favorite movies:
Across the Universe
August Rush

What i like to do
read books for fun
sleep in
make jokes
look at stars
create awkward situations
embrace awkward situations
watch movies
spontaneous dance parties
ballroom dancing
speak french
look at trek earth pictures
appreciate black and white photography
sing along with songs
move my body - you know, like walking...
finding awesome art
look at random people's wedding and engagement pictures on facebook
anything spontaneous
make awesome tasting food

Places I will go to
africa, especially:
cote d'ivoire
a real igloo

A joke?

You know what. I don't like people who think they know everything.

People who have no idea about my personal situation in life.

No clue about the background details.

And then judge me.

What a joke.